"If I had one chance to see into the future, I would ______________."

I would like to see what roads are like with self-driving cars. 

(They're coming. Are you ready?)

But really, maybe the more responsible thing to say is that I would want to see what happens with interest rates over the next 50 years. 

Lately, I've been getting numerous comments about the stock market - specifically, if the market is going to crash soon. People are hearing about the run up in indexes over the past few months coupled with China's slowing economy and thinking: should I be worried?

So is the market going to crash soon? Here's my answer:

I have absolutely no idea.

Unfortunately, I am not clairvoyant. Neither is your CPA, your bookkeeper, or even the guy on the news. The most educated people can talk about what might happen soon, but even then it's only in terms of statistical probabilities.

Since it's not super useful to debate on whether or not the market will crash tomorrow, the best thing you can do today is to make sure the money you have in the market is long-term and can withstand the crash.

In other words, make sure your money is protected by time.

By time I mean, make sure that you have your money allocated into different buckets based on:

  1.  The purpose of the money; and
  2.  When you expect to need the money.

For example, for anyone nearing that magical 50 age milestone (like, erm, myself), it's time to get serious about income planning for retirement and ensuring the money you've saved is available after you've made the decision to move beyond your "real" job.

If you're nervous about your money, let's talk about options on how to tie your investment to market gains while avoiding market losses. 

(Yes, it's possible, and it's awesome).