We believe in innovation.




Creative solutions that create tremendous untapped value

As a values-based company, we support innovation in all forms, as well as the following set of principles that guides our work, our partnerships, and our priorities. 


We believe that the only way to build strong relationships with our clients is to be authentic. This means opening up about who we are, what's important to us, and being brave enough to be vulnerable. Being authentic builds trust and creates interpersonal bonds that are at the foundation of all good relationships.  

Our authenticity extends beyond our client relationships to our vendors. Our authenticity means that we're not afraid to say that we don't know everything - however, we have strong, authentic relationships with business partners who can supplement the knowledge we bring to our clients.


Curiosity, Continuous Learning, and Education

Being curious about life and knowledge that is outside our normal sphere of influence is essential to how we operate. We realize that everyone we encounter brings a different perspective, adds different experiences and is valuable in ways that create opportunities for us and our clients. 

Formal and informal learning is basic to keeping up with the evolution of change today. In order to add the greatest value to our relationships, we have to be ahead of the curve by practicing a level of curiosity about the people we meet that will help us to identify those advancements and inventions that can change lives.


Mind + Body + Spirit

We believe the world operates in systems that work together to help us become the best we can be. Just as an ecosystem works together in the environment, our personal ecosystem of our mind, body, and spirit form the person that we are in the world. Having an awareness around this connection is fundamental as we work toward greater health, wellness, and overall quality of life.


Capital Financial Services, Inc., Innovative Income Strategies, The Firefly Sisterhood, Haydenrock Consulting, LLC, and American Diabetes Association are unrelated entities.